Black Shuck - Ignite Gin (70cl)

At 57.15% abv Black Shuck Ignite delivers a Gin that is outrageously smooth and unapologetically bold. The ever-present Juniper is balanced with the warming Sea Buckthorn and citrus notes. Ignite Gin is perfect for sipping.

During the 18th century, legislation was passed requiring every British Naval ship to carry on board a quantity of Gin for medicinal purposes. To ensure the navy was not being overcharged for watered down spirits the purser would test the alcoholic strength by adding a few grains of gunpowder to the spirit. If the compound just ignited it was taken as ‘proof’ that the spirit was at the correct strength. If the Gin was ‘underproof’ it would fail to ignite and if it was ‘overproof’ it would explode with a bang.