Mrs Temple's Binham Blue Cheese

Mrs Temple’s Binham Blue is one of a range of hand produced cheeses offered by Catherine Temple of Copy’s Green Farm at Wighton, Norfolk.

Binham Blue is a soft blue veined cheese produced using pasteurised milk from Holstein Friesian and Swiss Brown cows which graze near Wells-next-the-Sea, by the small village after which the cheese was named. Made with vegetarian rennet, from a producer who prides themselves on high standards of animal welfare, so more than suitable for vegetarians. The cheese has a pale yellow interior encompassed by a harder, courser and rough orangey rind.

Tasting Notes:
The Binham Blue has a creamy texture and natural crust, with a luscious sweet blue tangy taste. Full flavoured though not overwhelming, almost more like a Gorgonzola than a Stilton, despite it’s full character and grey blue specks and veins. Smooth flavour with a bite to finish